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Startup weekend


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I was a participant in the fantastic Startup Weekend initiative. I worked with a team to develop Twainers, an app to help people exercise in groups, fostering encouragement and creating motivation. At the end of the weekend all apps are presented to a panel of Judges. Twainers was awarded 2nd place overall.


Twainers (2nd place overall)

Twainers was a destination for personal fitness that helps people find training partners in their area, for their chosen sport, to help them with the motivation to keep training, to improve their skills and to make each session a more enjoyable experience.

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DiaBeatIt (2nd place overall)

DiaBeatIt's goal was to help diabetics better measure their blood sugar and insulin, something they should do many times a day. Improving data capture would improve self-management of their condition and help medical professionals to make informed decisions in patient care.

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Skillsbank is in-house, on-the-job, training solution on a peer-to-peer basis. By pairing people with a specific need to those with the right skills, large companies could use their own staff for ad-hoc training. The differentiator to other solutions is focused learning which increases understanding and engagement.

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