Take a step back. See the systems we live in.


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Brendan Tobin

I am an experienced UX Designer bringing
user-centred design principles to innovative audit tools at EY. 
Studying UX Design at IADT in my spare time. 

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I've been working in design for ten years, with the last three seeing a shift in focus from graphic design to user-centred product design.  Today, I work to gain a broader perspective and assess not just the product, but the wider world in which the product and its users exist. This approach facilitates innovative solutions with a real-world impact.

In my work a UX designer at EY, I'm part of a team tasked with creating the next generation of audit tools. In this energetic and diverse group, my role is to bring user-centred design principles to the systems and tools we create. I actively value collaboration and transparency in work and believe it brings the best results. 

This Rocket Works

This Rocket Works is in reference to the space race. An era born of Cold War rivalries, it saw tremendous advances in technology and engineering. The great minds of this time designed systems that pushed the boundaries of human exploration. Astronauts spoke about the "overview effect", where they were overwhelmed and awed by the fragility and unity of life on our blue globe. The images captured on these voyages gave us a new perspective on our home. This point of view was in stark contrast to the tensions between nations on the surface and gave cause for optimism about the future. 

For me, UX is about understanding systems and designing for the people that exist in these systems. Talking to people, watching what they do and how they do it. I'm seeking a different perspective and searching for ways to improve our experiences..

The idea for This Rocket Works came from Emmet Connolly's talk on perspectives at Inside Intercom. For anyone interested in product design, it's well worth a look.